What we're about

Smashrun is built for runners. Smashrun is not built for body builders, swimmers, or cyclists. It's not designed for you to share your blood sugar with your friends or the nutritional value of what you ate for dinner last night. Our commitment to your running is unwavering.

You see, we believe that running is a life long sport, and that belief informs everything that we do. By highlighting the relative importance of each and every run, not just your PR's and milestones, we make sure every run counts. Smashrun is your running partner, a daily dashboard that provides context and social accountability.

Smashrun is about more than just tracking your runs, it's about being a runner.


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Stats and facts

  • Company stats

  • 所在地:Brooklyn, NY
  • 原始碼行數:84,129
  • Trac 完成事項:1,045
  • 開發工具:C# / SQL Server / MongoDB / Windows / Fedora / Subversion / Chef / Consul
  • User stats

  • Total runs logged:35,973,773
  • Total miles logged:178,788,104
  • Total time logged: 1215544 days of solid running
  • Badges earned:1,483,468
  • Badge types:133
  • Average run length:5.0
  • Most popular stat color:Dark Cyan
  • Least popular stat color:Menu Highlight
  • Team stats

  • Team members:3
  • Fastest:Jacklyn
  • Most miles:Steve
  • Most disciplined:Christopher
  • Miles run:21,823
  • Time run:151 days of solid running
  • Races run:55