Exporting from Nike Run Club using RunGap

Nike has no official way to export data, but RunGap has found a way to liberate your running history.
It will cost $3.99.

How to export your entire Nike+ history using RunGap

  1. Install the RunGap app. (RunGap is iOS only and requires a $3.99 subscription to export data)
  2. Open the app. Click the menu in the upper left corner. Then select Accounts & Settings.
  3. Select Nike Run Club. Enter your username and password and click connect.
  4. On the next screen. Disable "Update Activities" and click "Done".
    This will prevent syncing until you've finished updating the configuration.
  5. Select Smashrun and click Connect then login.
    (You'll need to scroll a bit it's about 20 items down the list)
  6. Select Smashrun again. Then enable Use as Destination and for destination activities choose Running (any).
  7. Enable update activities and click Resychronize. This will trigger the import of all of your activities from Nike+ into RunGap and may take some time.
  8. Open the menu and select Share & Export. Then choose Smashrun.
  9. You will need to purchase the "Swag Bag" upgrade for $3.99 to export your data. (Note: Smashrun is unafilliated with RunGap)
  10. You can now also export your entire history to DropBox for safe keeping.

Exporting from Nike+ using n+exporter (bullrox)

n+exporter uses an extension to grab an authorization token from Nike+ and then uses it to export your data.

How to use n+exporter to export your Nike+ data

  1. Go to this page https://nexporter.bullrox.net/en/account and click Install the extension.
  2. Click Add to Chrome in the upper right corner. You'll then need to confirm that you're allowing the extension to access information on the Nike+ website.
  3. You should now see an
    icon in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser. If you don't see it, click the
    icon and pin it.
  4. Now go back to https://nexporter.bullrox.net/en/account and click Connnect with my Nike Account
  5. Login to Nike+ (if you're not logged in already). You should be returned to a screen showing all your activities.
  6. You can now download TCX files for all your activities one by one (a good way to save a permanent backup).
  7. You can take these files and email them to: username@smashrunimport.com and Smashrun will import the runs into your account.